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Learn how to do real estate deals by yourself

What is Real Estate God University?

The Real Estate God University is the best resource online for investors of all skill levels to build their wealth via RE. Join 850+ members and learn critical investment concepts that you can implement on day 1 to build wealth.

Who is Real Estate God University for?

Novices looking to do their first deal:

Full guides teaching you from A-Z how to find, finance, and buy your first multifamily deal. Subtopics include choosing the right market, financing options, and tutorials teaching you how to value and underwrite deals.

Experienced operators looking to scale their business:

Comprehensive modules focused on honing the two skills necessary for scaling your real estate business - finding deal flow and raising capital. Build a pipeline in your submarkets to improve deal flow. Learn the best ways to structure deals to improve your economics.

What do you get when you become a member?

1. Comprehensive Guides:

A leading feature of RE God University is the comprehensive guides covering the most important topics for investors. These guides are perfect for the new investor doing their 1st deal or the experienced operator looking to buy 8 figure assets.

2. Case Studies:

Detailed case studies of deals I currently own, as well as deals I have passed on. You can watch over my shoulder as I search for deals, underwrite, raise financing, operate, and exit my deals that range from STRs to 40+ unit apartment buildings. Photos and videos of buildings and walkthroughs included. There ae also 5+ case studies of deals I've passed on, so you know what to look out for.

3. Weekly Q&A:

Every week I do a live Q&A call session where I answer community-member questions on everything real estate related. Whether it's to evaluate a deal you found or to brainstorm how to best fund a deal, all questions are welcome and answered. All calls are recorded and uploaded for those that miss them.

4. Mindset & Business Development:

The modules on mindset and business development become more important as you go up the ladder in deal making. Risk management and mental sticking blocks become critical as you scale from 1 deal to 20. These modules are important to make sure you don't make the same errors I and other experienced community members made on our RE journey.

5. All past emails and blog posts in an archived library.

How do you join Real Estate God University?

Simply browse down and choose the monthly or annual plan to join 850+ community members today. There's a 3 day, 100% risk free trial so you can try out the university first hand before committing. See you inside! 

Disclaimer: This is an opinion-based product. None of the content provided within this group are to be deemed legal or financial advice in any shape or form.